Breastfeeding: How can partner bond with baby?
Breastfeeding Father
Breastfeeding Fathers
Dads and Breastfeeding – by Armin Brott
What About Dad?
Breastfeeding Fathers from La Leche League
One Father’s Perspective on Demand Nursing – Kenneth Friedman, Esq.
The Trials of Breastfeeding – For Dad!
Dads & BF -more links
How can we Increase the Father’s Role in Child Care?
Family Issues
Which mother knows best? – dealing with disagreement between mom and grandma
Siblings and Breastfeeding
Responding to and Avoiding Criticism about Breastfeeding
Responding to Criticism
Handling Criticism about BF – includes statements that other moms have used, from
Helping Adolescent Mothers BF
Spousal Support for BF – selected bibliography of resources from LLLI’s Center for BF information (CBI)  



BF & the Law FAQ from La Leche League
Breastfeeding & the Law from LLLI
Breastfeeding Laws by State – breastfeeding is legal in EVERY state but some states have made additional specific laws about nursing. You may need to click on “Public User” if the link doesn’t go straight to the page.
Current Summary of Breastfeeding Legislation in the U.S. from LLLI
California Lactation Accommodation Law – BF Taskforce of LA
Extended Breastfeeding and the Law by Elizabeth N. Baldwin, Esq.
In the Best Interests of Breastfed Children ~ Visitation by Elizabeth N. Baldwin, Esq.
Is Breastfeeding Really a Visitation Issue? by Elizabeth N. Baldwin, Esq. & Kenneth A. Friedman, Esq.
U.S. Breastfeeding Legislation



 Nursing Mothers Have Rights, Too – Hillary Flower New 8/05
Analysis: Oregon Breast Milk Contaminated
New 8/05 More on this here: PBDEs in Breastmilk
Breastfeeding News -updated daily at the BF Taskforce of LA website

Booby-Trapped: breastfeeding in public is still a battle 11/9/04
Women Stage Breastfeeding Protest at Mall – 7/6/04  
Study: Breast Milk Compound Kills Warts 6/23/04
FDA Warning on Domperidone 6/23/04 -information from Thomas W. Hale, R.Ph. Ph.D.,
Professor of Pediatrics

Information on the US Breastfeeding Campaign
– links from 6/7/04
Medieval babies stayed healthy for longer on mother’s milk -8/23/03
Sustained Breastfeeding Rates at a US Baby-Friendly Hospital PEDIATRICS Vol. 112 No. 3 September 2003, pp. e234-e236
Human Milk and the Prevention of Infection 7/23/2003
Effect of lifetime lactation on breast cancer risk: A Korean Women’s Cohort Study -Further evidence that extended breastfeeding decreases breast cancer risk 6/8/03

Breastfeeding in a Time of War-4/21/03
Breast-fed Babies Less Likely to Be Obese Kids -Reuters/Medline 12/30/02
German study: New moms should avoid fries, chips -Reuters Health 1/13/03
Breastfeeding news weblog -(link not working 7/4/04


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