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The miracle of mother’s milk: Breastfeeding

  The miracle of mother’s milk: Breastfeeding

Everyone is aware of all mothers who can whip out a breast, whip on a baby, and lactate like mad without making any efforts or causing any embarrassment.

The cheapest, cleanest and healthiest way to nurture a baby is breastfeeding undoubtedly. A new study by scientists at the University of Southampton says that this is the conclusion of the study.

Previous research has proved that infants fed on formula milk tend to have lower intelligence, and the IQ difference frequently has been put down to a deficit of an omega 3 fatty acid, known as DHA.

The Times reported that in the latest study, boffins found no evidence of a link between intelligence and breastfeeding.

“This study helps to dispel some of the myths surrounding DHA. We do know that there are clear health benefits to breast feeding but DHA, which is naturally present in breast milk and added into some formulas, is not the secret ingredient that will turn your child into an Einstein,” says Dr. Catharine Gale, from the University’s MRC Epidemiology Resource Centre

source : topsnews

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