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Study Claims, Baby’s DNA Improves By Mother’s Milk

Study Claims, Baby’s DNA Improves By Mother’s Milk

The new study brings forth that the milk of the mother is good for the baby as it improves the immune system of the baby. It is also believed that breast milk also enhances the intestine development and contributes in the overall improvement of the baby’s DNA.

It is also an established fact that the first thing a baby should get is the milk of the mother as the breast milk also develops the genes functionality which helps in protecting the baby from several illnesses.

The study involved the comparison of 10, 3-months-old formula fed babies with 12, breast-milk-fed infants.

Experts explain that gene expression is simply the process of turning on the gene functionality process. They claim that the instructions are already present in the genes to synthesize a functional gene product however; the genes just need to be turned on. The milk of the mother when fed to the infant contributes in turning on the process.

According to the lead researcher, Sharon Donovan, the breast milk contains immune protective compounds they help the baby in fighting against illnesses. She further says that though it is still not known as to how the breast milk helps in the development of the intestines of the baby.

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