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Breastfeeding does not make babies intelligent

Breastfeeding does not make babies intelligent


Researchers from University of Southampton dispelling the myth that breastfeeding make babies intelligent stated that family environment and motivating infants mattered in deciding the intelligence.

About 241 children were analyzed for concluding this fact. These infants were followed from birth until four years old to examine the relationship between the use of docosahexaenoic acid (DHA) and breastfeeding.

The researchers found that no relationship could be established between the DHA’s intake in infancy and a child’s IQ.

Dr Catharine Gale, who led the study, said, “This study helps to dispel some of the myths surrounding DHA. We do know that there are clear health benefits to breastfeeding but DHA, which is naturally present in breast milk and added into some formulas, is not the secret ingredient that will turn your child into an Einstein.”

This study has stated that DHA does not affect a child’s IQ but earlier findings show that not having DHA during prime periods when the brain developed may lead to problems in brain’s development.

Researchers through the study stressed that what mattered in brain’s development was mother’s intelligence the kind of mental stimulation children received.

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