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Breast Feeding for Six Months Can Save 900 Babies a Year plus Money

Breast Feeding for Six Months Can Save 900 Babies a Year plus Money

According to a cost analysis, if 90% of the women in the U. S. breast feed for the first six months of their lives, about 900 babies would be saved every year in addition to billions of dollars.

Though, these results are only an estimate, but a lot of experts after reviewing the analysis shared that the methods and conclusions seem sound. These were published online in the journal Pediatrics on Monday.

Dr. Ruth Lawrence, who heads the American Academy of Pediatrics’ breast-feeding section said, “The health care system has got to be aware that breast-feeding makes a profound difference”.

Hundreds of children die and lakhs of children fall prey to costly illness which could have been prevented if these children would have been breast-fed by their mothers. These diseases include stomach viruses, ear infections, juvenile diabetes, sudden infant death syndrome, asthma and childhood leukemia.

Breast milk contains antibodies that help baby’s battle infections and it also makes breast-fed babies less likely to develop diabetes and obesity as it affects insulin levels in the blood.

A lot of things like various common childhood illnesses, costs of treating those diseases and level of disease protection have been linked with breast-feeding.

According to a Government report in 2001 about $3.6 billion could be saved each year if 50%of mothers breast-fed their babies for at least six months. Brest-feeding rates have increased slightly since then.

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