Posted by: Indonesian Children | May 18, 2009

How should you attach your baby to your breast?

  • Hold your baby close to you, with his nose level with the nipple.
  • Wait until your baby opens his mouth really wide with the tongue down. You can encourage him to do this by gently stroking his top lip.
  • Quickly bring your baby even closer to your breast.
  • Your baby will tilt his head back and come to your breast chin first. He should take a large mouthful of breast. Your nipple should go towards the roof of his mouth. 

Signs that your baby is feeding well

  • Your baby has a large mouthful of breast.
  • Your baby’s chin is touching your breast.
  • It doesn’t hurt you to feed (after the first few sucks).
  • If you can see the dark skin around your nipple, you should see more dark skin above your baby’s top lip than below their bottom lip.
  • Your baby’s cheeks stay rounded during sucking.
  • Your baby rhythmically takes long sucks and swallows. It is normal for him to pause sometimes.
  • Your baby finishes the feed and comes off the breast on his own.

How do you know that your baby is getting enough milk?

  • Your baby will appear content and satisfied after most feeds.
  • He should be healthy and gaining weight after the first two weeks.
  • Your breasts and nipples should not be sore.
  • After the first few days, your baby should have at least six wet nappies a day.
  • He should also pass at least two yellow stools every day.


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