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Stories and Articles in Breastfeeding


The Accident
(appreciating BF)
African hospital becomes Baby-Friendly “Celebrating BF, African-Style”– Leaven
Analysis: Oregon Breast Milk Contaminated New 8/05 More on this here: PBDEs in Breastmilk

Baby-Friendly certifies Cape Canaveral Hospital
BF & Guilt -Dr. Jack Newman
Breastfeeding: Unraveling the Mysteries of Mother’s Milk-Most of the major progress in understanding the unique and complex features of human breast milk has emerged in just the past 2 decades.
Breastfeeding: the Numbers -What percentage of moms breastfeed their babies?
Breastmilk & its Many Uses
Children’s Books that Show Breastfeeding -LLLI’s Center for Breastfeeding Information (CBI)
Children’s Books with Postitive Images of Breastfeeding

Breastfeeding Images in Children’s Books
Cost Benefits of Breastfeeding
Cost of Not Breastfeeding
Drugs and Toxic Chemicals in Breastmilk
Economic Benefits of BF: A Review & Analysis – U.S. Gov’t
Famous Breastfeeding Mothers
More Famous Breastfeeding Mothers
Handling Conflicting Information, from LLL
Healthy People 2010 BF Objective
How Can I find a Lactation Consultant?
How Mother’s Milk is Made
If breastfeeding is so great, why are the numbers so low?
Just One Bottle -How could just one bottle hurt? Marsha Walker, RN, IBCLC
Just One Bottle– Did you know that just one bottle can have serious consequences?
Kate’s page
makes mention of some breastfeeding topics
The LLL Leader and the IBCLC – A Partnership in BF History
Milkmen: Fathers who BF-Laura Shanley
Mothers’ Stories
Quotes on Breastfeeding  (page not found 4/28/04)
Recipes using breastmilk
Reduction of Child Abuse with Breastfeeding?–
Regulation of Milk Synthesis in Women by Peter E. Hartmann (page not found 4/28/04)
Ten Commandments of Breastfeeding
Test your Breastfeding I.Q.
Uses for Breastmilk
More Uses
Yet More Uses
Watch Your Language! -great article on how to talk to someone about bf without turning them off.


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