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Another Look – dedicated to gathering information, raising critical questions, and stimulating needed research about breastfeeding in the context of HIV/AIDS, also offers position papers on various issues related to breastfeeding and HIV/AIDS.  We have our previous conference presentations available online. 
Baby-Friendly -AAP website article demonstrating the effectiveness of Baby-Friendly
Baby-Friendly Hospital Initiative
Baby-Friendly USA
Biology of the Mammary Gland  -National Institutes of Health
BF & the Use of Human Milk– policy statement from the American Academy of Pediatics
Breastfeeding Basics an online academic, non-commercial, short course on the fundamentals of breastfeeding. It is geared primarily for the medical practitioner, although anyone is welcome to browse or take the course. Features post-module evaluation tests to see if you really learned it!
Breastfeeding Education for grades K-12 from the New York State Department of Health
Breastfeeding Online
BF Outlook – “Every issue, you’ll find at least one evidence-based strategy that you can integrate into clinical practice the very same day.You’ll discover studies to help you change clinical practices, and you’ll learn to question practices that have no evidence-base.This concise 6 to 8 page newsletter is designed to save you time and improve clinical outcomes.”
Bright Future Lactation Resource Center (Dr. Jack Newman’s & Linda Smith’s Pages here)
Center for Breastfeeding Information (CBI)
Centers for Disease Control (CDC) Breastfeeding Section
Common Sense Breastfeeding Topicsgreat articles by Diane Wiessinger, MS, IBCLC
Corporate Lactation Support information
Cost Benefits of Breastfeeding
The Cost of Not Breastfeeding
BF Counseling Protocols – Lactation Education Resources
Diagnosis and Management of Breast Problems During Pregnancy & Lactation -medical site, not a listing of typical breastfeeding challenges.
Economic Benefits of BF: A Review & Analysis – U.S. Gov’t
Emergency Nutrition Network – Infant Feeding in Emergencies
European BF Rates
Evaluating Educational Materials
-Lactation Education Resources
Fenugreek/Low Milk Supply Hospital Policy

Fenugreek/Low Milk Supply Hospital Protocol

Freebies for BF/Childbirth Educators
Galactogogues: The Assessment of Herbal Galactagogue use of Lactation Specialists in the United States Cheryl Renfree, RN, MSNH, IBCLC 2003 
Comparative Analysis of 2003 Survey on Assessment of Herbal Galactagogue use amongst La Leche League Leaders and Peer Counselors in the United States (2003 article)
The Globe – ILCA’s Newsletter
Handling Conflicting Information, from LLL
Handouts for use by professionals – New 8/05
Healthy People 2010 BF Objective
HHS Blueprint for Action on BF
How to be a Breastfeeding Supporting Health Care Professional– Dr. Newman
Human Milk Banking Association of North America– this link is down, not sure if it’s being worked on?
International Lactation Consultant Association (ILCA)
International Society for Research in Human Milk and Lactation
Internet Resources on Lactation (mostly professional lactation info)
Lactation for Clinicians
-computer program for teaching lactation diagnostic & management skills
LactNews Our purpose is to link breastfeeding advocates with information about conferences, educational materials and breastfeeding courses
LLLI Center for Breastfeeding Information (CBI)
LLLI Conference 2005 Information

LATCHES– BF assessment tool for firts 4 wks.
Links to Most Position Papers & Policies on Breastfeeding
Maternal and Child Health Library
Medical Benefits and Contraindications to Breastfeeding in the United States by
Ruth A. Lawrence, M.D. (pdf file)
Medications and BF – sources of information for professionals. Lactation Education Resources
Medications & Mother’s Milk full text now available for your Palm Pilot
Mother’s Milk Bank at Austin, TX
National Healthy Mothers, Healthy Babies Coalition
National Women’s Health Information Center BF Pages
Newborn Weight Calculator for your PDA (Palm OS) –
Protocols – Lactation Education Resources 
Protocols for Induced Lactation
Physicians Pocket Guide to Breastfeeding, edited by Janet Rourke, M.S., L.D.
Power Point Presentations – Lactation Education Resources
Pump Comparison Chart with cycles, mmHg suction, etc.  Also check the June-July 2004 Vol.40 #3 issue of Leaven for an up-to-date article & charts on pumps.
Rating a Mother’s Milk Supply -Lactation Education Resources
Regulation of Milk Synthesis in Women by Peter E. Hartmann
Relactation, hand expression & cup feeding – a brief guide for aid workers
Tapes from ILCA conferences
Tapes from LLLI Conference
Ted Greiner’s Breastfeeding Website
Wellstart – promoting optimal maternal and infant nutrition and health through clinical services and professional education about breastfeeding and lactation management
WIC BF Promotion & Support Pages
WHO Global Data Bank on BF
LC Education Resources:
LC Education from Lactation Resources
LC Education through The Center for Breastfeeding –The Center for Breastfeeding and The Union Institute present a cooperative partnership between The Healthy Children 2000 Project and The Union Institute incorporating distance learning educational programs in Breastfeeding and Human Lactation into an undergraduate degree program
LC education from the Lactation Institute
LC education from the Center for Lactation Education
LC education from Wellstart
LC education from La Leche League: opportunities for both professional and lay instruction in breastfeeding management, lactation, and counseling:
Offerings for Professionals:
Lactation Specialist Workshops-These workshops provide CERP hours and continuing education credits for lactation consultants, nurses, LLL Leaders and others who work with breastfeeding mothers.
Physician Seminars -Offered throughout the world, for physicians, lactation consultants and other lactation professionals. The workshops are cosponsored by La Leche League International, along with the American Academy of Pediatrics and the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists.
La Leche League Area Health Professional Seminars-These conferences offer continuing education credits for many fields. We list these seminars among our local Area LLL Conference listings.
Professional Breastfeeding Resource Centers-Act as independent sources of breastfeeding information. Receive breastfeeding materials at discounted rates. Read our new brochure!
Medical Associates Program. Provides a means for physicians to remain informed about current information on breastfeeding and lactation, as well as to network with other physicians with shared interests.
Offerings for Lay Practitioners:
Peer Counselor Program. Peer Counselors provide a permanent source of breastfeeding information and support in their community. La Leche League’s training program has been used effectively in a variety of locales. Visit the Peer Counselor page linked above to learn when and where upcoming Peer Counselor training opportunities will be held.
Peer Counselor Administrator Training Workshops. These workshops are held in various locations around the United States for those interested in training women to be Peer Counselors. Upcoming workshops are listed on the
Peer Counselor page.
La Leche League Area Conferences and Health Professional Seminars. Offered world-wide, these conferences provide not only parenting information but also many technical breastfeeding sessions. Most Area Conferences have sessions that provide continuing education credits, as do all Health Professional Seminars.


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