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Index of LLL Groups around the World – from Argentina to Zimbabwe
To ask a breastfeeding question in English (US or other), use the
LLLI Help Form
To ask a breastfeeding question from Great Britain, use the LLLGB Help Form
Um eine Frage auf Deutsch zu stellen, besuchen Sie die
Web site LLL Deutschland.
Si usted quiere preguntar en español, puede usar nuestra
solicitud de ayuda en español.
Se desideri porre una domanda in lingua italiana, puoi usare il nostro
modulo per la consulenza in italiano.
To ask a breastfeeding question in Japanese, please visit  or send an e-mail message to
La Leche League “Materials in Languages other than English
La Leche League’s Global Publications Directory – sources for information in many languages
Dr. Jack Newman’s Handouts in
French, German, Italian, Dutch
Bf terminology translated – Dutch/English/Spanish/French/German/Portuguese/
BF info in other languages – Arabic, Chinese, Hebrew, Japanese, Korean, Spanish, Czech, Turkish, Vietnamese
International Breastfeeding Websites– links
The Breastfeeding Network – UK
Association of Breastfeeding Mothers – UK organization founded 1979, offers counseling, information & support groups.
Australian BF Association
Victorian BF Guidelines – Victoria, Australia
Australian National Breastfeeding Strategy Website
IBCLE office in Australia
IBLCE International Registry

Breastfeeding Promotion Network of India
BF Mothers Support Group – Singapore
Dublin, Ireland BF clinic page
BF Support Group in Japan
Proyecto Lacta-Puerto Rico
Vereniging voor Begeleiding en Bevordering van Borstvoeding -België
VZW België
LLL Belgie
French BF organization Information Pour l’Allaitement (IPA)
Breastfeeding Sites in Spanish:
Lactando a su Bebé: Algunas indicaciones que pueden ayudarla a entrar con el pie derecho
Web de ñuñu
Lactar…es lo Natural
IBFAN Argentina Home Page
Subprograma de Lactancia Materna
Programa Materno Infantil de la Provincia de Buenos Aires – Argentina
LLLI: Spanish Materials
Proyecto Lacta: Información
Lacmat-l: Listserv en Español para la Lactancia
Bebitos – Educación Para el Parto, Lactación Materna, y Ser Padres
BirthPrep Educational materials for the Spanish speaking population and those who work with them. http://www.birthprep/
Proyecto Lacta-Puerto Rico
Breastfeeding Information in Arabic:
Breastfeeding Resources in Arabic
Breastfeeding Information in Chinese:
Information in Chinese from LLLI 
Breastfeeding Sites in Dutch:
Forum over borstvoeding
Breastfeeding Sites in French:
L’allaitement maternel
Déclaration de consensus : La méthode de l’allaitement maternel et de l’aménorrháe au service de la planification familiare
Methode de l’Allaitement Maternel et de l’Amenorrhee (MAMA)
Breastfeeding Sites in German:
Abpumpen von Muttermilch
Breastfeeding Sites in Italian:
LLLI: Italian Materials
MAMI: Movimento Allattamento Materno Italiano
Altri Siti
La Pagina Dell ‘Allattamento MaternoLa pagina dell’allattamento materno, con articoli vari sull’allattamento, fra cui traduzioni del Dr. Jack Newman e della Prof. Kathy Dettwyler
Breastfeeding Sites in Portuguese:
Ibfanrio – Apoiando o Aleitamento Materno
Amamentaçao Online – Grupo Origem
Breastfeeding information in Russian:
Information in Russian from LLLI 
Russian – Dr. Newman’s handouts in Russian
Breastfeeding Sites in Swedish:
föräldraNätet Swedish parenting site with some breastfeeding info
Breastfeeding Sites in Vietnamese:
BF Educational Materials in Vietnamese Language

Frequency of Breastfeeding & Sleep Issues
He can’t be Hungry.  He just ate!
Growth Spurts baby who suddenly wants to nurse more frequently may be going through a growth spurt. They commonly occur at 3wks., 6wks., 3mos., and 6mos.
Frequent and Unrestricted Nursing by Elaine Moran
Demand Nursing By Elizabeth N. Baldwin, Esq. & Kenneth A. Friedman, Esq.
Examining the Evidence for Cue feeding of Breastfed Infants by Lisa Marasco, BA, IBCLC & Jan Barger, MA, RN, IBCLC
Overfeeding by Jo-Anne Lawless, HCA, LC
So I nursed him every 45 minutes – Elizabeth Batdwin, Esq.
One Father’s Perspective on Demand Nursing – Kenneth Friedman, Esq.
Scheduled Feedings: Is your baby’s health at risk? – American Academy of Pediatrics addresses scheduled feedings vs. demand feedings
Scheduled Feeds: Best for Baby?
Helping Mothers Handle Conflicting InformationLeaven
More info on handling conflicting informationLeaven
Baby nurses constantly: Ways to cope
But I Don’t Want to Nurse All the Time OR Watch the Clock!
Baby has started snacking by Jo-Anne Lawless, HCA, LC
Evening Cluster Feedings
Why are nursing babies often night owls?
Nighttime Parenting: An Age Old ConcernLeaven
Frequent Nighttime Feedings by Jane Squires, RN, IBCLC
Formula: Better for the last before-bed feed?
Formula at Night?
Toddler wakefulness at night by Anne Smith, IBCLC
One-year-old – still wake to nurse at night? by Anne Smith, IBCLC
Night Waking: Or, Will I Ever Get a Good Night’s Sleep Again? by Anne Smith, IBCLC
Waking A Sleepy Baby by Anne Smith, IBCLC
Sleepy Baby?
Rethinking “Healthy” Infant Sleep – James J. McKenna, PhD from Breastfeeding Abstracts 



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