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Calming a fussy baby
Helping a Breastfed Baby Accept a Bottle

Hunger cues
Increasing Supply
Is My Baby Getting Enough?
Mastitis (Breast Infection)
Positioning and Latch-on

Risks of Formula Feeding – BF Taskforce of LA
Signs of a Good Latch and Signs of a Good Feeding
Sore nipples
Storage and handling of breastmilk
Waking a sleepy baby
What is the WHO Code? – BF Taskforce of LA
What to Do When Baby Refuses the Breast
Working and breastfeeding
Breastfeeding and the Use of Human Milk (5 pages) — American Academy of Pediatrics Policy Statement
Sharing a bed with your baby from the UNICEF UK Baby Friendly Initiative
Breastfeeding and Drug Misuse: An Infomation Guide for Mothers from the Drug Misuse in Breast Feeding Project, University of Plymouth, UK

Breastfeeding Your Adopted Baby

Using a Lactation Aid

Starting Out Right

How Breastmilk Protects Newborns

Is Baby Getting Enough Milk?

When Latching
Blocked Ducts and Mastitis

Risks of Artificial Feeding

Breast Compression

Colic in the Breastfed Baby

Miscellaneous Treatments
(cabbage leaves, herbs for supply, lecithin)
Breastfeed a Toddler – Why on Earth?

Finger Feeding


Breastfeeding and Guilt

How to Know a Health Professional is not Supportive of Breastfeeding

Slow Weight Gain After the First Few Months

You Should Continue Breastfeeding (Illness in the Mother or Baby)

Breastfeeding and Jaundice

When the Baby Refuses to Latch On

Treatments for Sore Nipples and Sore Breasts

You Should Continue Breastfeeding (Drugs and Breastfeeding)



Some Breastfeeding Myths
More Breastfeeding Myths
Still More Breastfeeding free handouts Bassinet Card
Professional handouts for purchase
and list of handouts here:

Recommended Breastfeeding Practices
-from AAP
Bassinet Card

Week 1 Breastfeeding Log

Week 2-4 Breastfeeding Log

Treatment Tips: Engorgement

Nursing Your Newborn: What to Expect the Early Weeks

Hunger Cues: When do I Feed Baby?

Is Baby Getting Enough? Quick Reference Cards

Is baby getting enough? and Human Milk Storage Quick Reference Cards
Cluster Feeding and Fussy Evenings

What should I know about giving my breastfed baby a pacifier?

Why Delay Solids?

Why Delay Solids? Five-Second Fact Cards

Will giving formula or solids at night help baby to sleep

Myths about Starting Solids

Myths about Starting Solids: Five-Second Fact Cards

Is my baby ready for solids?

Recommended Breastfeeding Practices (AAP Policy Statement)

Human Milk Storage – Quick Reference Cards

Human Milk Storage (Guidelines for Premature Infants) – Quick Reference Cards

How to bottle-feed the breastfed baby

How can I use breastfeeding to prevent pregnancy?

Extended Breastfeeding Fact Sheet, page 1
[Benefits for Child]
Extended Breastfeeding Fact Sheet, page 2
[Benefits for Mom, References]
Extended Breastfeeding Fact Sheet
[both pages]
A research-based look at the safety of breastfeeding during pregnancy
Myths vs Facts: Breastfeeding During Pregnancy and Tandem Nursing

The Official FAQ… Nursing During Pregnancy

(Short Version, long version is HERE.)
The Official FAQ… Tandem Nursing
(Short Version, long version is HERE.)
More and More Breastfeeding Myths
Interesting Quotes
Breastfeeding and Other Foods

Starting Solid Foods

Sore Nipples

Candida Protocol
Using Gentian Violet

What to Feed the Baby When the Mother is Working Outside the Home


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