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How to breastfeed


What position should you use?

There are lots of different positions for breastfeeding. You just need to check the following:

Are your baby’s head and body in a straight line?
If not, your baby might not be able to swallow comfortably.

Are you holding your baby close to you?
Try to support his back, shoulders and neck. He should be able to tilt his head back easily. And he shouldn’t have to reach out to feed.

Is your baby’s nose opposite your nipple?
Your baby needs to get a big mouthful of breast from underneath the nipple. Placing your baby with his nose level with your nipple will allow him to reach up and attach to the breast well.

Are you comfortable?
It’s OK to change your position slightly once your baby is attached to your breast.

How should you attach your baby to your breast?

  • Hold your baby close to you, with his nose level with the nipple.
  • Wait until your baby opens his mouth really wide with the tongue down. You can encourage him to do this by gently stroking his top lip.
  • Quickly bring your baby even closer to your breast.
How should I attach my baby to my breast step 3
  • Your baby will tilt his head back and come to your breast chin first. He should take a large mouthful of breast. Your nipple should go towards the roof of his mouth. 

Signs that your baby is feeding well

Signs that your baby is feeding well
  • Your baby has a large mouthful of breast.
  • Your baby’s chin is touching your breast.
  • It doesn’t hurt you to feed (after the first few sucks).
  • If you can see the dark skin around your nipple, you should see more dark skin above your baby’s top lip than below their bottom lip.
  • Your baby’s cheeks stay rounded during sucking.
  • Your baby rhythmically takes long sucks and swallows. It is normal for him to pause sometimes.
  • Your baby finishes the feed and comes off the breast on his own.

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