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Adolescent Mothers Breastfeeding– helping adolescents bf
Allergy Testing
Anemia: Fact Sheet on Iron-Deficiency Anemia
Anemia and the Effects on the Breastfeeding Woman by Cheryl Renfree, RN, PhD, IBCLC

Another Look – dedicated to gathering information, raising critical questions, and stimulating needed research about breastfeeding in the context of HIV/AIDS
Arthritis, Fibromyalgia, and Breastfeeding
Arthritis, Lupus, Fibromyalgia, Myasthenia gravis (MG), Multiple Sclerosis (MS)
Blind Mothers
Bf after reduction surgery
Breastfeeding in an emergency– link wasn’t working when I tried it, will check again later
Breastfeeding in Emergency and Relief Situations: refugee camps, war, famine, earthquakes and other natural disasters
Breastmilk & its many Uses
Breasts are different sizes – a very common occurrence that causes many women unnecessary worry.
Can I continue to BF if…? – “Nursing mothers have many questions about the safety of various things during lactation. Following are some of the questions we’ve answered over the past few years.” (Kelly’s AP)
Cavities & extended bf
Chiropractic Treatment for Breastfeeding Problems
Chiropractic Evaluation & Treatment Of Musculoskeletal Dysfunction in Infants Demonstrating Difficulty Breastfeeding -2003 LLLI Conference Poster Session Abstract
Cholesterol Levels & BF  
Circumcision & BF
Clampdown Bite Reflex -When it does occur, clampdown bite is almost always present from birth. A reflex causes the baby to clamp down with his jaws when swallowing or when anything is placed in his mouth. This causes severe pain because the bite is strong enough to cut off the blood supply to the nipple. The nipple may have a white stripe on it.
Color of the Day: Solving Bowel Movement Mysteries great link for those questions about strange poop!

Comparing Milk: Human, Cow, Goat & Commercial Infant  Formula

Cranio-Sacral Therapy in Difficult SituationsLeaven
“Dear Oprah” letter
Dental Caries (Cavities)
Dental Caries & extended bf
Dental issues On this web site are slide presentations and articles that cover : the significance of sleep apnea and how it might be prevented, the importance of breastfeeding for the proper development of our species, the issue of infant caries and breastfeeding, why tight frenulums need to be addressed, otitis media, SIDS, and basic dental issues. Dr. Brian Palmer, D.D.S.
Dental Work & BF
DHA Supplements for Nursing Moms
Diabetes – selected bibliography of resources from LLLI’s Center for BF information (CBI)
Diabetes – from BabyCenter
Diabetes – La Leche League
Diabetes & BF
Different sized breasts
Distractible baby: Would bottle feeding help?
Distractible three-month old
Do Breastfed babies need water?
Does Breastfeeding get a bad rap? Recent news headlines questioning the health benefits of breastfeeding (re: rickets, heart disease & dioxinsmay be confusing to some parents, and cause them to question whether or not breast really is best after all.  Link was down last check.       
Donating Blood -Can a breastfeeding woman donate blood?
Dying/Perming Hair
Ear Infection
Ear infections from nursing while lying down?
Ear infections– nursing lying down with ear infections
Eczema on Breasts
Eczema of the Nipple – nipple soreness is usually due to a positioning or latch problem, but occasionally eczema can contribute.
BF & Environmental Contaminants – – added 8/05. Also PDBE’s in Breastmilk New 8/05
Extended Breastfeeding and Dental Caries – why it’s a myth that extended nursing and night nursing cause dental caries in children not already prone to them
Failure to Thrive (FTT)
Feminism & BF Resources
Fertility Treatments  
BF: a Feminist Issue
Fibrocystic Breasts
Fibromyalgia and Breastfeeding
Flame Retardants in Breastmilk
Flu Vaccine Information – Yes, you can get a flu shot if you’re breastfeeding
Flu Vaccine
Funny Milk when milk looks or smells unusual
Galactorrhea (unexpected milk production) and other nipple discharge –
Hepatitis C – selected bibliography of resources from LLLI’s Center for BF information (CBI) 
High Palate
HIV & Breastfeeding– “The AAP recommends suspending breastfeeding for women in the United States who are infected with HIV.  However, they state that for many other countries that are at increased risk for infectious diseases and nutritional deficiencies, the great benefits of breastfeeding may outweigh the risk of the infant acquiring HIV.” See also Mother-Child Transmission of HIV
Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy  
Hypoglycemia – selected bibliography of resources from LLLI’s Center for BF information (CBI)
Immunizations – (scroll down on the page)
Itchy nipples
Litter Boxes  
 Lyme Disease –
Mammograms and Nursing from La Leche League
Breastfeeding and Mercury Exposure – New 8/05
Mercury & BF – U.K. site. Another page in this series here.
Mercury & BF – see also Pollution & BF
Methodone & BF – from the AAP New 8/05
Milk Blister
Milk blister/bleb/blocked nipple pore?
Milk Fever
Milk looks or smells unusual
Mother-Child Transmission of HIV
Multiple Sclerosis (MS)
Myasthenia gravis (MG)
Nausea When Breastfeeding
Nipple Piercing: compatible with Breastfeeding? from La Leche League
Nursing Discreetly
Nursing Lying down and ear infections – why the people who tell you that nursing lying down can cause ear infections are wrong
Obesity – selected bibliography of resources from LLLI’s Center for BF information (CBI)
Oral Development
Otitis Media
PCOS and BF– “I am excited to have the opportunity to speak with Lisa Marasco, IBCLC about her research regarding a possible link between PCOS and Breastfeeding difficulties.”
PCOS (Polycystic Ovary Syndrome) & Breastfeeding– link was down
PCOS – forum
PCOS forum– Parent’s Place message board for Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome
Perming Hair
Poison Ivy
Pollution & BF – Breastfeeding remains the best option for feeding infants, even as attention is focused on the many chemicals that may find their way into a mother’s body, also has 10 Simple Steps to Help Reduce the Level of Chemicals in Your Body. Added 9/03
Poop –Color of the Day: Solving Bowel Movement Mysteries– great link for those questions about strange poop!
Post-Partum Depression & Breasfeeding – do you need to wean to be treated for PPD?
Postpartum Depression– from Kelly’s AP website
Premature Infant & BF– see also under “challenges”
Rusty Pipe Syndrome – bloody discharge or reddish milk
Sexual Abuse Survivor
Sleep Apnea
Small Breasts: Does Size Matter?
Smoking – “Nursing Helps Undo Smoking’s Damage to Baby “
Social Drugs and Breastfeeding– includes smoking, alcohol, caffeine, marijuana, heroin, methadone– link wasn’t working when I tried it, will check again later
To Breastfeed or Not: PKU, Galactosemia, etc. – some situations where it’s not clear if breastfeeding is the right thing to do
Tanning Beds
Tongue-Tie geared toward toddlers, but information and oral exercises can be adapted.See more on tongue-tie under “challenges”
Toxic Chemicals in Breastmilk
Toxins in Human Milk, also Flame Retardants in Breastmilk
Tuberculosis (TB) Testing also Pollution & BF  
Travel & BF from the Centers for Disease Control (CDC)
Visually Impaired or Blind Mothers
Water– do bf babies need water?
West Nile Virus – Media Release information from LLLI  
West Nile Virus & BF – FAQ’s from the CDC 
West Nile Virus Infection and Breastfeeding: Information for Clinicians – from CDC
West Nile Virus & BF  
Wet Nursing and Cross Nursing
When Shouldn’t you Breastfeed?

Breastfeeding Myths by Jack Newman, MD
More Breastfeeding Myths by Jack Newman, MD
Still More Breastfeeding Myths by Jack Newman, MD
More and More Breastfeeding Myths by Jack Newman, MD
Breastfeeding Myths from La Leche League
Ear infections from nursing while lying down
Fallacies Old Wives Tales
Misconceptions from The Nursing Baby
Myth of Low Supply
Pacifiers a Problem for the Breastfeeding Baby?– more on this under “Pumping & Storage, Bottles & Pacifiers”



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