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General Breastfeeding Sites & Information
La Leche League
Online BF Help Form
Index of LLL Groups

007 Breasts -“We believe women were not created as sexual objects to be looked upon as some kind of “toys”, and breasts were not created for that purpose either.  Female breasts have a purpose, and that purpose is the reason they exist. They were given to us as the means of BREASTfeeding our babies! This website is for the purpose of studying and promoting that very subject.” Includes pictures of all kinds of normal breasts.
Academic Outcomes of Breastfeeding
– nice Brazilian BF page (English or Portuguese).  Site includes downloadable educational software, a memory game, bf art gallery and more.
Another Look – dedicated to gathering information, raising critical questions, and stimulating needed research about breastfeeding in the context of HIV/AIDS
Ask Dr. – supportive of breastfeeding
Ask Lenore -an information resource for couples who are expanding their families via adoption, surrogacy, or traditional pregnancy as well as those who are experiencing infertility and/or recurrent miscarriage.
Baby-Friendly -AAP website article demonstrating the effectiveness of Baby-Friendly
Baby-Friendly Hospital Initiative
Baby-Friendly USA
Badass Breastfeeding Babes
Becky’s BF Library
BestBreastfeeding.Info -breastfeeding info and quizzes – a community for parents who BF
Breastfeeding & Feminism Resources
BF & the Use of Human Milk– policy statement from the American Academy of Pediatics
Breastfeeding Basics an online academic, non-commercial, short course on the fundamentals of breastfeeding. It is geared primarily for the medical practitioner, although anyone is welcome to browse or take the course. Features post-module evaluation tests to see if you really learned it!
Breastfeeding Education for grades K-12 from the New York State Department of Health
BF Hall of Fame – add your experience! information, shopping, art, humor, news (includes video clips in help section)
BF e-postcards
Breastfeeding Graphics/Clipart
Breastfeeding Links
Breastfeeding MOMS (website down 4/28/04, 7/4/04)
Breastfeeding Online– Cindy Curtis, RN, IBCLC
Breastfeeding Quiz– at New 9/05
Breastfeeding Resources – links
Breastfeeding “Thank You” Notes – Have you ever seen a mom breastfeeding in public and just known she’s doing much more than feeding and nurturing her baby — she’s education and empowering those around her? Have you ever wanted to connect with her and tell her that she’s doing a great thing? Now you can! Print out these notes and keep a few with you. You can just quietly hand that mom one to let her know you noticed her quiet statement.
Centers for Disease Control (CDC) Breastfeeding Section
Common Sense Breastfeeding Topicsgreat articles by Diane Wiessinger, MS, IBCLC
Compleat Mother, magazine of pregnancy, birth and breastfeeding
Dr. Jay – supportive of breastfeeding
Got -from the American College of Nurse-Midwives (ACNM)
Healthy Connections
– “Healthy Connections is an informational website for breastfeeding mothers and their health care providers.  Information on this website is the work of Cheryl Renfree RN, PhD, IBCLC” 
International Breastfeeding Websites– links
International Lactation Consultant Association (ILCA) -can refer you to a board-certified LC, or you can search for one on the website
International Society for Research in Human Milk and Lactation
Jane’s BF Resources – great site!
The Lactating Feminist
Lactations – Daily inspirations for the nursing mother.
La Leche League, Online BF Help Form, & Index of LLL Groups
Mammals – Animals Who Nurse
-photos of different nursing animals, including humans
Moms4Milk – We are a grassroots organization dedicated to collecting and distributing the latest and most accurate information regarding mother’s milk.  (website down 4/28/04)
Mothering Magazine is supportive of breastfeeding, many articles-here’s their breastfeeding section.
Mothers Overcoming Breastfeeding Issues -lots of photos
Nurturing Magazine is supportive of breastfeeding, many articles
Official Page of BF Propaganda– (had many broken links when I checked)
Parents Place -Breastfeeding area –Here’s their “Breastfeeding Basics”
Position Papers & Policies on Breastfeeding
Ted Greiner’s Breastfeeding Website
Thoughts on Breastfeeding by Katherine Dettwyler, PhD.
U.S. Health and Human Services Breastfeeding Page
-lots of information: helpline, “In the News”, HHS Blueprint for Action on Breastfeeding, info on the National BF Awareness Campaign, more
Women, Infants, & Children (WIC) -if you are a WIC client you can get breastfeeding help and information if you need it.

Getting Started, Latch & Positioning
Asymmetrical Latch
Avoiding Nipple Confusion
Baby’s First Week Daily Breastfeeding Log
Bassinet card – print out a card for your newborn’s hospital bassinet
Breastfeeding Logs– “Under normal circumstances it is not necessary to use a breastfeeding log. However, some mothers feel more comfortable in the beginning if they are keeping track of nursings and diapers.”
Breast Sandwich– New Thoughts on Positioning by Diane Wiessinger, MS, IBCLC
Circumcision & BF
Clicking soundbaby makes a clicking sound when nursing
Create Your Own Nursing Sanctuary“Here’s something else you can do to get ready to breastfeed: Create your personal nursing sanctuary, a custom-designed breastfeeding haven in your own home.”
Dr. Jack Newman’s handout on ‘Starting out Right’
Formula at Night?
Getting Started
How to make Breastfeeding Difficult
How do I position my baby to breastfeed? -LLLI
Hunger Cues & Latching on Video Clips
LATCHES– BF assessment tool for firts 4 wks.
Latching on correctly -having trouble getting son to open wide enough.  By Jo-Anne Lawless, HCA, LC
Latching with
Large Nipples and Areola
Letter to take to the hospital Print out the following letter and take it the hospital with you, give it to your nurse and ask her to place it in the baby’s chart to let the hospital know what you expect from them regarding breastfeeding.  Here is also a card for the bassinet.
Mixing Up Day and Night
The Mother-Baby Dance: Positioning and Latch-on – Leaven
Newborns Who Confuse Night and Day
Nursing Holds & Positions Video Clips
Nursing Pads & Creams, what you need to know about
Pictures of Proper Latching
Planning for Breastfeeding Success -info & quiz
Positioning and Latch-On by Elaine Moran
Positioning Checklist
Should I have formula in the house, just in case?
Sleepy Baby?
Straight Talk about New Babies – defining New-mom Expectations
Tips on Breastfeeding Immediately after Birth
What’s normal? – the beginning and early weeks
What to expect in the early weeks– Kelly’s AP
When Should You Call a La Leche League Leader or a board-certified Lactation Consultant?
When Latching ~ by Anne J. Barnes (handout referenced by Dr. Newman)



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